Our Culture

Who better than our teams can tell you about our company culture ?


Raoul Edoun – IT Manager

Team member from the very beginning

“I remember the day AITEK took its first steps, with a team of 4 ambitious and highly motivated people. More than ten years later, if I had to sum up my experience with a saying it would probably be, “What is most important is not so much where we are, but in which direction we go together.” At AITEK, we try to progress every day by focusing on how our customers perceive us. Our culture is based on the sense of responsibility, anticipating our partners’ needs and excelling in everything we do.”


Mehdy Sahly – Group Sales Manager

Team member since 2005

“It’s now 10 years since I joined AITEK as an intern. I will always remember this first professional experience. What struck me at the time was the determination and spirit of teamwork demonstrated by the employees, who all came from different cultural and social backgrounds. In this healthy environment, I was able to gradually tackle important challenges and, with the help of my colleagues, carefully and patiently climb up the corporate ladder to become today the sales manager of our group, which continues and will continue to grow. Joining AITEK means joining an aspiring team where partners are our main focus and where everyone has the chance to progress and make a difference.”


Ahmed Touré – Regional Product Manager based in Ivory Coast

Team member since 2005

“I joined AITEK in 2005 as a sales engineer and was initially responsible for developing the Maxdata brand in the Ivorian market. At the time, our team was made up of only five people and we patiently worked hard together, always putting the team first. Our enthusiasm and motivation enabled us to build a strong and honest relationship with our partners. Now, after nine years, I am Regional Product Manager, proud of the work accomplished and skills acquired, yet firmly looking forward to what we can still achieve together. Joining AITEK means choosing to put the team before the individual!”


Stéphane Blé – Key Sales based in Senegal

Team member since 2006

“In 2006, I joined AITEK as an intern with a strong feeling that I was about to embark on an exciting adventure. The open-mindedness and motivation of my colleagues were the first things that struck me at the time. This motivated me to secure other job positions one by one such as a switchboard operator, customs officer, technician and sales representative. A few years later, I was promoted to Key Sales at the opening of our subsidiary in Senegal. In our team, we put our partners at the centre of everything we do because it is through them and for them that we exist. We believe that patience, good character, tolerance, courtesy and most importantly a positive attitude are essential values for progress in our community.”


Arnaud Ceresa – Regional Product Manager based in Ivory Coast

Team member since 2010

“Personally, AITEK was an opportunity for me. Arriving within the structure with no previous knowledge in distribution, I was taught and trained in a highly team-oriented environment. Thus, “I could climb the ladder” and I am now in charge of one of the group’s strategic brands and “travel across the sub-region to help our partners develop their business”. This unified atmosphere, this desire to constantly move forward are my driving forces and can soon be yours!


Urielle Gredji – Executive Assistant based in Ivory Coast

Team member since 2010

“Life at AITEK revolves around a young team with the motto of “always do your best” in order to boost the group and take it to a higher level. The leadership skills demonstrated by employees and the ongoing attention and support offered by managers maintain a healthy and pleasant work environment for continuous innovation. AITEK is deeply committed to the well-being of its community and organized so that it can grow and develop. Working at AITEK is a shared experience that allowed me to adjust my personal values to those of our team. I have been part of this family since 2010 and I wish you the best of luck if you want to join it too.”


Eric Noupowo – Key Sales based in Cameroon

Team member since 2013

“I joined the AITEK team in January 2013 and was quickly integrated thanks to this value that is highly developed in Africa: family. Our team is very close and every employee becomes a full member of the AITEK family. This enabled me to break down many barriers in order to try my best in helping my colleagues while learning from their skills and various experiences. Being accepted by my colleagues also encouraged me to adjust to the values that form the foundation of our company such as honesty, diligence, discipline and success.”


Mariane Koné – Secretary based in Ivory Coast

Team member since 2013

“AITEK, not just a company, but also a family. These few months here made me realize that it was possible to develop strong bonds of friendship within a company. We all have the common and genuine desire to share the same vision and values of our group. At AITEK, we strongly believe in the spirit of teamwork, which enables us to develop a sense of community and awakens our creativity. Everyone’s motivation plays a key part. We recognize a job well done and know how to encourage and congratulate one another. We respect each other in order to better serve our partners.”


David Kurz – Export Manager based in Ivory Coast

Team member since 2013

“It may be a bit of a leap but how can you not compare the success of PSG, our manager’s favourite football club, to that of our group, which he has been leading for 10 years now. Also, how can you not associated our company’s Success Story with the development of HP PSG, desktops and notebooks, which has assisting us in our rapid growth for the past 3 years.”

“There are many analogies between sports and the business world because like any sports team, companies as economic and mixed social communities need to be consistent in order to succeed. AITEK is no exception to the rule. Our team, although diverse, includes many individuals who are able to bring their energy together to achieve one common goal: customer satisfaction. Being part of AITEK means accepting the pressure to succeed, sharing a vision of service, working hard to accomplish a personal achievement and most importantly never giving up.”